"18 Acres" Project


More Projects and Efforts

  • Assisting in cleaning up the equestrian fields of "un-natural objects"  leftover from horse trials and various horse events

  • Assisting in purging an area taken over by an invasive Pear tree strain

  • Mowing management and control of invasive species at the new Hoschiet Woods Forest Preserve

  • Planting trees in Joan Hamill Field and in the DuPage County Forest Preserve

  • Purchasing and planting seed for the prairie in Dunham Forest Preserve

  • Partnering with the Village of Wayne Park Commission in the habitat restoration and pedestrian/equestrian bridge construction in Barbara Dunham Dole Park

  • Trail development and establishment of new trails

  • Providing hundreds of volunteer hours to mow fields and meadows in cooperation with both the DuPage and Kane County Forest Preserves

  • Purchasing and maintaining trail clearing and mowing equipment

  • Working to control invasive plant species in the area

  • Preservation and maintenance of Historic Buildings in Wayne

  • Sponsorship of the Wayne-DuPage Hunt Pony Club and providing educational and recreational opportunities

  • Construction of the pedestrian and equestrian bridge at Billy Burns Road

  • Maintaining over 100 miles of pedestrian and equestrian trails

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